Prosolve Temporary Fencing Kit

  • All You Need to Set Up Tough Plastic Barrier Fencing 
  • Kit Includes Both Fencing Pins Along With Barrier 
  • Great for Cordoning off Areas Both Indoors and Outdoors.
  • Simple and Easy to Erect 
  • Provides a High Visibility and Strong Barrier Fence

Colour: Blue
Sale price£70.00ex vat

This handy kit gives you everything you need to create temporary fencing at a discounted price compared to buying separately. Featuring 20 of our heavy-duty steel fencing pins, and 100m of premium super-strong barrier fencing (available in your choice of colour) you can quickly and easily set up temporary fencing for events, building sites, maintenance work and more.

ProSolve Super Strong Barrier Fencing offers added safety and security to sites and locations where areas need cordoning off or separating.
Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, easy to erect and available in striking orange or yellow colours, each length of ProSolve safety fencing is a massive 50m long and features 65x35mm meshing.

In no small part thanks to its virgin HDPE and recycled plastic construct this flexible barrier fencing is extremely hardwearing, with a melting point of 180°C and the ability to remain structurally sound to temperatures as low as -20°C when other brands on the market would become brittle or weak.

For more information on our Prosolve Temporary Fencing Kit, or any other products in our extensive range, contact our friendly experts on the sales team today.

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