Rustins Plastic Floor Coating Trade Pack - 4L

  • Two-part cold cure lacquer
  • Use on wood, chipboard, MDF, cork, laminates, slate & stone
  • Resistant to heat, solvents & abrasion
  • Almost colourless
  • Does not yellow or craze with age
  • Gloss & satin finishes available

Finish: Gloss
Sale price£64.00ex vat

Rustins Plastic Floor Coating Trade Pack is a two-part cold cure lacquer with excellent adhesion and durability.

Resistant to scratching, abrasion, most solvents, weak acids and alkalis, the coating can be applied to wood, cork, chipboard, MDF, laminates, slate and stone. Almost colourless and will not craze or yellow on ageing.

The finish is highly durable, resistant to impact, abrasion and solvents. Rustins Plastic Floor Coating enhances the colour of the wood. Although the coating is almost colourless, some woods change colour when coated.

During preparation, the surface must be clean, smooth, dry and free from wax, dust and contaminants. Using a large brush or varnish roller, apply evenly and liberally, finishing in the direction of the grain. Rustins Plastic Coating Thinners (up to 10 per cent) may be added to aid the application in hot weather. No other thinners may be added to the coating.

Two coats are usually sufficient on hardwood floors, but in heavy traffic areas, apply three coats. Softwoods and cork may require a minimum of three coats, depending on the absorbency. Commercial premises may require four coats.

Re-coatable after an hour, the floor can be used two hours after the last coat has been applied. Available in Gloss and Satin finish. Do not use below 15ºC, or in conditions of high humidity.

Coverage 13-15 sq. m per litre, 1 coat, depending on the absorbency of the wood.

Rustins Plastic Floor Coating Trade Pack is sold in 4L containers.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Download Product Data Sheet (2001-PDS-Plastic_Floor_Coating_Feb_19_PDS.pdf)

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