Rustins Quick Dry Outdoor Wood Stain

  • Water based wood stain
  • Stains & finishes in one
  • Gives UV protection
  • Quick drying
  • Satin finish
  • Size options available
  • Colour shade options available

Colour: Dark Oak
Size: 6 x 250 Millilitres
Sale price£27.00ex vat

Rustins Quick Dry Outdoor Wood Stain is quick-drying, durable and ideal for exterior use on doors, windows, garden furniture, conservatories and sealant over concrete.

Gives long-lasting protection to all external wood and is touch dry within 30 minutes, re-coatable in four hours.

Low odour, resists cracking, peeling, blistering. Available in Light, Medium or Dark Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Walnut and Ebony.

During preparation, surfaces must be clean, dry and free of wax, grease and contaminants, smooth and sound. Wash oily woods, knots or resinous areas with white spirit. Remove mould, lichens, algae and moss with brush, scraper and domestic bleach, then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Rustins Wood Dye may be applied to bare wood prior to varnishing.

Using a synthetic brush, apply liberally with a full brush finishing with the grain. The first coat may be diluted with water on hot days (up to 15 per cent). Do not apply to hot surfaces or in strong sunlight if possible or if rain is likely.

Apply three coats and lightly sand after the first coat if there is raising of the grain. Touch dry after just 30 minutes. On hot days may be touch dry within 10 minutes. Re-coating is possible after a minimum of four hours, depending on temperature and humidity. Ideally 15-25°C. Do not apply below 10°C, or in high humidity or if rain expected.

Coverage is 12-15 sq. metres per litre per coat, depending on the absorbency of the surface.

Rustins Quick Dry Outdoor Wood Stain is sold in 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 2.5L containers.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Download Data Sheet (rustins_colour_chart_quick-dry-outdoor-wood-stain-1179.pdf)

Download Product Data Sheet (1179-PDS-Quick_Dry_Outdoor_Wood_Stains_PDS_2020.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (1179-SDS-QUICK_DRY_OUTDOOR_WOODSTAINS_SDS.pdf)

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