Rustins Rust Converter - 6 x 250ml

  • Water-based rust converter
  • Ready to use
  • Stabilises with a protective coat
  • Seals & Primes - No primer required
  • Ideal for brass, copper, bronze & metal pipes

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Rustins Rust Converter is a ready-to-use, water-based treatment that neutralises rust by stabilising the surface and forming a protective coating once dry.

Ideal for treating rust on ferrous metals like brass, copper, bronze, table or chair legs and metal pipes. It will form a barrier against water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide to prevent further rusting. Resistant to salt spray and bacterial growth.

During preparation, the surface must be clean, dry and free from oil and grease. Remove old paint and loose rust with steel wool or wire brush. If the paint is difficult to remove, use Rustins Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper.

Stir or shake well before use. Pour the required amount needed into a plastic container. Brush a thin coat directly onto rusty areas only, working well into any pitted areas, corners and edges. Ensure that exposed corners and edges are well treated to avoid any chance of rust creep beneath.

A single coat should be sufficient. Usually, dry within 30 minutes. Rustins Rust Converter will turn any treated areas blue-black as it reacts with rust.

If the area treated does not change colour, reapply after 30 minutes. Do not rinse off the first treatment. Apply a topcoat after a minimum of three hours. For best results, paint the same day.

Coverage is 6-8 square metres per litre, depending on the absorbency of the surface.

Rustins Ring Remover is sold in 250ml containers.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Download Product Data Sheet (2270-PDS-RUSC_Rust_Converter_PDS.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (2270-SDS-RUST_CONVERTER_SDS.pdf)

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