Rustins Rust Remover - 6 x 125ml

  • Removes rust from ferrous metals
  • Ideal for use on iron & steel
  • Cleans brass, copper and bronze
  • Will etch galvanised steel prior to priming
  • Sold in 125ml bottles

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Rustins Rust Remover is an acid solution that is used to remove rust from ferrous metals and clean brass, copper and bronze.

It can also be used on new galvanised steel to act as a mordant solution and on aluminium to etch a surface.

During preparation, wipe the surface free from grease and remove loose rust with a wire brush or scraper. Old or flaking paint, which may be hiding rust, should be removed with Rustin’s Strypit Paint & Varnish Stripper.

Apply liberally with a brush and leave until the rust has been dissolved or until dry.

If the rust is thick, a second application may be required. Small items may be dipped. Drying Time 4-6 hours, depending on humidity and temperature. Re-coating can take place after 4-6 hours.

Coverage will depend on the thickness of rust.

Rustins Rust Remover is sold in 125ml containers.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Download Product Data Sheet (2270-PDS-RUSC_Rust_Converter_PDS.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (2270-SDS-RUST_CONVERTER_SDS.pdf)

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