Rustins UPVC Cleaner - 6 x 500ml

  • Blend of ingredients
  • Water based
  • Cleans & revives white UPVC
  • Removes ingrained dirt
  • Ideal for use on window frames & doors

Sale price£33.00ex vat

Rustins UPVC Cleaner is a blend of ingredients to clean and restore all types of white UPVC that are weather-stained, dirty and dull.

The UPVC Cleaner revives and restores UPVC doors, windows, fascias, cladding and plastic garden furniture. The UPVC Cleaner removes ingrained dirt and restores gloss.

Ingrained dirt is quickly removed and, if the surface has lost its shine, the cleaner will restore the gloss.

Shake well before use. Pour a sufficient amount of the UPVC cleaner onto a damp cloth. Apply to one section of the UPVC at a time. Rub and apply pressure to remove any stubborn stains.

Allow to dry partially for a few minutes and then buff off using a dry cloth. It is best to work on individual sections at a time until the job is complete. Repeat the application if necessary. If very dirty or if the dirt is particularly ingrained more one than one application will be necessary.

Rustins UPVC Cleaner is sold in 500ml containers.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Download Product Data Sheet (1563-PDS-UPVC_Cleaner_PDS.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (1563-SDS-UPVC_CLEANER_SDS.pdf)

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