Sherwin-Williams Fire Paint Acrolon 7300 Topcoat

  • Tin-free Polyurethane Fire Paint
  • Fast Drying & High Gloss Attributes
  • Suitable for Long Term Exterior Gloss & Colour Retention
  • Available in 450-plus Colours
  • Use as a Topcoat in Industrial Environments
  • Acceptable for Use in Architectural Applications

Colour: Ash Grey / Oyster Grey (BS 00-A-01)
Finish: Gloss
Size: 5 Litres
Sale price£98.00ex vat

Acrolon 7300 Topcoat is a high solids, acrylic urethane, with fast-drying attributes. For use where long term exterior gloss / semi-gloss and colour retention characteristics are required.

Recommended Use

Use as a topcoat in industrial environments such as:
• Steel structures finish coating
• Exteriors of containers or tanks
• Bridges or conveyers
• Offshore platforms
• Marine applications
• Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications
• Approved finish for FIRETEX Products

Recommended Application Methods

Airless Spray Brush
Conventional Spray Roller (short pile only)
Recommended Thinner:
Cleanser/Thinner: No 15 (for Thinning)
No 5 (for Cleaning)

Recommended Systems

Compatible with a wide range of Macropoxy, Dura-Plate, Zinc Clad Epoxy Primers and Buildcoats.


A two-component material supplied in separate containers to be mixed prior to use
Pack Size: 20 litre and 5 litre units when mixed
Mixing Ratio 10 parts Base, 1 part Hardener by volume
Weight: White 1.48 kg/litre (may vary with shade).
Shelf Life: 12 months of manufacture or "use by" date where specified.

Surface Preparation

The surface must be clean, dry, and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt and other foreign material to ensure adequate adhesion.

Application Conditions and Overcoating

This material should preferably be applied at temperatures in excess of 5ºC. In conditions of high relative humidity, ie 80-85% good ventilation conditions are essential. Substrate temperature shall be at least 3ºC above the dew point and always above 0°C.
At application temperatures below 5°C, drying and curing times will be significantly extended and spraying characteristics may be impaired. Application at ambient air temperatures below 0°C shall not take place.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS_Acrolon_7300.pdf)

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