Teamac Chlorvar (Chlorinated Rubber) Thinners

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  • Chlorinated Rubber Paint
  • Ideal for Swimming Pools
  • Acid Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Salt Water Resistant
  • For Interior or Exterior
  • Available in 2,400+ Colours

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Chlorvar Thinners is a C8 - C10 Aromatic hydrocarbon solvent mixture. As a slow evaporating thinner / brushwash for Teamac Chlorvar.


Flammability limits in air:- Lower - 0.6% by volume Upper - 7% by volume Vapour pressure:- 2.9mm HG @ 20°c

Download Safety Data Sheet (600-v607_-_swimming_pool_paint_thinners_-_sds21113_-_uk.pdf)

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