Toupret TX 110 Quick Drying Filler - 5 Kilograms

Save £4.87
  • Excellent adhesion and easy to sand
  • Ready to paint in 3 Hours
  • Will not shrink or slump
  • No need to spot prime

Sale price£17.00ex vat Regular price£21.87ex vat

Toupret TX 110 Quick Drying Filler has a quick-drying formula that can be overcoated in 3 hours with any conventional paint or wallpaper (do not overcoat with polyurethane or solvent-based epoxy paints).

TX 110 offers exceptional adherence with excellent shaping qualities. There is no need to spot prime. Toupret TX 110 will not flash or grin and can be filled to any depth.

It can be used on new or renovated substrates, either unpainted or painted: gypsum plaster, plasterboards, old painted surfaces, cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks and stone.

Download Product Data Sheet (PDS_ft_toupret_quick_dry_filler.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS_QUICK-DRY-FILLER-03-03-2021-V1-EN.PDF)

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