Wagner Control Pro 350R Airless Sprayer 600W 240V

  • For medium to very large projects and frequent use
  • High-efficiency airless technology with reduced spraying pressure for maximum control, longer service life and up to 55% less overspray
  • Lightweight airless spray gun with two-finger trigger for more precision and to work for longer without fatigue
  • Innovative nozzle technology -softer spray improves control for a more consistent finish
  • Practical carrying handle to easily change work location
  • Direct intake from the paint container - no need to decant or refill
  • 15 m flexible paint hose for a large working range

Sale price£660.00ex vat

The Wagner Control Pro 350 R represents a new generation of revolutionary airless paint sprayers based on completely new technology — High-Efficiency Airless (HEA). The new nozzle design allows a softer spray jet, so you always get streak-free results with perfect coverage when working with emulsion, varnish and other paints.

The reduced pressure of the Control Pro 350 R brings further advantages over the previous Airless technology: up to 55% less overspray and effortless working with the high-quality Airless gun, which features significantly reduced trigger pressure and recoil.

This means maximum control and ease of use for projects small and large on wood, metal, walls and ceilings for room repair or renovations. In addition, the machine and its components are less heavily stressed, resulting in reduced wear and longer service life.

The new generation of Control Pro Airless paint sprayers — with high-efficiency Airless technology. The benefits of our revolutionary nozzle and pump technology at a glance.

The Control Pro 350 R is for water- and solvent-based materials such as emulsion and latex paints, enamels, vinyl, matt, silk, gloss, varnishes, acrylic paints, wood preservatives, stains, primers, undercoats, plant protection products, disinfectants, oils and more. (Not for flammable materials)

Compatible Material

Wall & Ceiling and Wood & Metal paints including anti-corrosion products

Project Size

Medium - Large

Surface Coverage

15 m²/2 min

Product Features

Direct intake / lightweight airless gun with two-finger trigger/pressure regulation

Paint Flow Rate

1.50 l/min

Spray Pressure

110 bar

Power Consumption

600 W


Lightweight, professional-quality airless gun

Hose Length

15 m


7.6 kg

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