Zarges Everest 2E Push-up Extension Ladder

  • High level of stability thanks to extra-wide lower ladder (490 mm)
  • From a ladder length of 8.30 m, the upper ladder is equipped with abrasion-resistant wall wheels
  • Convenient and precise rung-by-rung height adjustment in increments of 280 mm
  • Both parts of the ladder can also be used separately as single ladders for Order Nos. 40245-40247
  • Plastic anti-friction insert with lift-off retainer
  • Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping
  • Complies with EN 131 Professional

Rungs + Extended Length: 2 x 16 Rungs / 8.33 Metres
Sale price£722.00ex vat

The Zarges Everest 2E Push-up Extension Ladder is perfect for working at great heights, offering wide treads for comfort and safety.

The lower ladder is an extra-wide 490mm. The upper ladder is equipped with hardwearing wall wheels.

Adjustable rung-by-rung for height.

6-10 rung models can be used as single ladders.

A plastic anti-friction insert helps ease of adjustment.

Construction is rugged, lightweight aluminium. Treads are 30mm square and serrated for extra grip.

The maximum load is 150kg.

Complies with DIN EN 131 Professional standard.

Download Data Sheet (ZARGES_Everest_2E.pdf)

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