Zarges Skymaster EFAmix X GRP Combination Ladder - 3 x 8 Rungs

  • High level of protection provided for working on electrical installations thanks to insulated stiles made from glass-fire-reinforced plastic
  • Aluminium rungs (30 x 30 mm)
  • One rigid locking bar
  • High-strength Perlon straps with sewn-in fixing tab to prevent splaying
  • Optimum wrap-around stile guide that encompasses the whole rung
  • Locks safely by means of rung hooks and locking tab
  • Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping and at the same time provide firm seating in the stile
  • Complies with EN 131 Professional

Sale price£1,518.00ex vat

The Zarges Skymaster EFAmix X GRP Combination Ladder is an insulated combination ladder, with GRP stiles, designed for working around electrical equipment or hazards.

Using the same design as the rest of the Skymaster range, but with GRP construction this is ideal for anywhere you need to work at height around electrical equipment.

Rungs are square aluminium (30x30mm) and have serrated tread.

Locking bars help ensure the ladder stays stable and secure.

Rung hooks and locking tabs lock the ladders in place.

Perlon anti-splay straps add to safety.

Anti-slip end-caps are replaceable.

Complies with DIN EN 131 Professional.

Download Data Sheet (ZARGES_Skymaster_EFAmix_X.pdf)

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