Zarges Stabiliser Adjustable Safety Legs

  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • For mounting on stiles
  • Simpler and more secure locking mechanism
  • Adjustable height for uneven surfaces
  • Stabilisers can be folded down to the stile when not in use

Sale price£233.00ex vat

The Zarges Adjustable Safety Legs are an important stability device for ladders and steps.

The legs increase footprint during use and can be stored easily and compactly, as they clamp flush to the stile when not in use - virtually no extra storage space requires. They are easy to use and retro-fitting.

The legs bolt safely to the side of any box section ladder and use a simple and safe twist to lock mechanism. Self-levelling feet allow use on uneven surfaces.

Download Data Sheet (ZARGES_Stabiliser_adjustable.pdf)

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