Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper Concentrate

  • Unique patented enzyme formula
  • Powerful concentrate
  • Great performance
  • Removes residual paste
  • Economical, just mix with warm water
  • Easy to apply by sprayer, roller or sponge
  • More effective than homebrew solutions

Size: 1 Litre
Sale price£10.00ex vat

Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper removes the mess from removing wallpaper. The fast-acting enzyme-based formula is highly effective. It penetrates and loosens wallpaper making it easy to pull or scrape off.

DIF Wallpaper Stripper is the patented wallpaper stripper based on enzyme action for fast and easy removal of wall coverings.

With DIF wallcoverings can be stripped quickly and reliably. DIF is different from any other wallpaper remover solution on the market. It is the only one that contains special enzymes - a unique, patented formulation with a superior, more effective blend of wetting agents that speeds penetration of the wallpaper and resolubilization of the paste.

In contrast to DIF Wallpaper Stripper, ordinary wallpaper remover solutions merely wet the paper and the paste, and therefore require a lot of scraping and do not work well except on loose sections. Softened paste tends to build upon the scraper blades, blunting them and leading to wall gouging. DIF Wallpaper Stripper eliminated damage to walls caused by the removal of uncoated, water-permeable wallpaper.

Using DIF Wallpaper Stripper is better than attempting to remove wallpaper with hot water, vinegar and water, or other homebrew solutions. DIF requires no steamers, so you do not have to bear the cost, mess, difficulty, or danger associated with the use of wallpaper steamers.

Download Technical Data Sheet (TDS_DIF-Liquid-Wallpaper-Stripper-Fast-Acting.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS_ZN02401-02422-DIF-Concentrate-Wallpaper-stripper-gb1.pdf)

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